What decorative wall panels do Guardian Building Products supply?

We supply a wide selection of fabulous decorative wall panels. Made from PVC, our wall panels are waterproof, lighter than traditional materials, quick to install and very easy to maintain. Ranging from 2400mm-2840mm tall and 250mm to 1000mm wide, these wall panels make remodelling a room quick and simple. As a result, this range of wall panels can easily be installed by DIYers and contractors alike. In brief, this is because there is no need to use specialist power tools and the panels can be secured with adhesive over existing surfaces.

Where can PVC wall panels be used?

Wall panels in Guardian Building Products range

The variation in wall panel width and pack size allows for greater scope to suit many types of projects. Suitable for new builds or remodels, the installers can quickly cover large walls in a family home, or equally, in an office building. One of the most popular uses of our wall panels is for bathroom remodels. This is due to the hygienic properties of the wall panels being mould-proof, waterproof and extremely easy to wipe clean.  Moreover, being able to install these panels on existing even surfaces such as tiles, means installers can complete a project in no time at all.  In a contractor’s case, this means they can move on quickly to the next job, and even complete multi-room jobs in large developments more efficiently; such as, in apartments or hotels.

The different designs in each collection give clients a choice to match any project within the home or commercial spaces. In addition, each range has a selection of trims to complement the panels and interior design, whether, with a white or chrome finish, there is something for every taste.

What wall panel design collections are there?

Motivo 250

A contemporary range that includes designs ranging from Scandinavian wood influences to rustic brickwork effects. The designs available in this collection will suit any room in a residential or commercial building. Additionally, the panels are made of 7.5mm hollow PVC which makes installation light and easy, perfect for DIY customers. Motivo 250 wall panels are 250mm wide by 2650mm in length and 7.5mm thick. They are supplied in packs of 4 pattern-matched panels and provide a 2.6m2 coverage.

Motivo 250 Range

Neptune 250

Decorative Wall Panels Neptune 250

This selection of classic designs provides a more stain and mould-resistant option to natural materials such as marble and stone tiles. Easier to clean, these wall panels will give a fuss-free wall finish perfect for elegant bathroom projects without compromising on aesthetics with stunning design effects. Like the Motivo 250 range, these 250mm wide wall panels are supplied in packs of 4 providing pattern-coordinated coverage of 2.6m2. But also include panels with a thickness of 8.5mm.

Neptune 250 Range

Neptune 250 Tile Effect

Decorative Wall Panels Neptune 250 Tile Effect Beige Decorative Wall Panels Neptune 250 Tile Effect Grey

Expanding the Neptune 250 collection, these tile effect wall panels provide a smart alternative to tiling, complete with a grout line effect. Varying slightly in size, the Neptune 250 Tile Effect panels are 250mm wide by 2700mm in length and 8mm thick with a patterned coordinated coverage of 2.7m2.

Neptune 400

Decorative Wall Panels Neptune 400

This industrial-chic collection includes fabulous stone, slate, and metal imitations. To complement the design, the panels are 400mm to allow for better pattern matching. Supplied in packs of 3 panels, each pack gives a total width of 1200mm providing faster coverage. In addition, the Neptune 400 wall panels range from 2600mm to 2800mm in length with a larger overall coverage of 3.12m2-3.36m2. Naturally, this collection is perfect for quickly finishing large feature walls or hallways.

Neptune 400 Range

Neptune 600

The Neptune 600 shower panel range offers easier handling and installation. The 600mm width makes them perfect for showers with tray sizes of 1200mm – ideal for both new and remodel projects.

Neptune 1000

For faster installation with less need for joint sealing, the Neptune 1000 Mega Panel range is super easy to install and ideal for larger domestic and commercial applications, especially for shower enclosures. Similar to our 250mm wide panels, the Neptune 1000 metre-wide panels have the same versatility and design choice. However, this 2.4m long collection is 10mm thick and supplied in packs of 2 with a large coverage of 4.8m2.

Neptune 1000 Range


This collection is perfect for Kitchen splashbacks* behind sinks and benchtops. These decorative wall panels are 3mm thick, 1,220mm wide and 2,440mm long pieces of solid laminate. Atlantis wall panels feature a bevel embossed tile and grout effect and are available in high gloss shades. Furthermore, this collection provides an effective alternative to traditional tile installation and maintenance. Supplied 1 panel to a pack, this is a high-quality and versatile decorative solution for any wet room, shower, bathroom, or kitchen.

*Not suitable for use behind an open hob or other high-heat appliances

Atlantis Range

Hygienic Sheets

We also have 2.5mm thick acrylic sheets that are 200mm wide and 2440mm long. This is a great hygienic choice as they are transparent, easy to clean and waterproof. Hygienic sheets are commonly used in kitchens and hospitals, however, due to the adaptability and excellent durability of these sheets, they have even been used in shops and pubs during the pandemic.

Wall Panel Trims

No project is complete without attention to detail, which is why we also have a wide selection of trims in different colours to complement our decorative wall panels.

Finishing Trims

Wall Panels specifications

Various trims and accessories are available to suit each panel size, thickness and style and type of application.

See the full specification of each panel range and their trims below:

Decorative Wall Panels Comparison Chart


Why are decorative wall panels a top choice for your customers?

In conclusion, we have a vast range of high-quality waterproof wall panels that will suit a variety of decorative needs. As a result, our wall panel collections are used for ease of installation by contractors on multiple commercial or domestic jobs. Simple and easy to install over existing surfaces, these panels are a favourite with DIY customers too. Consequently, this offering provides an exceptional resource for your customers that will strengthen your interior repertoire.

At Guardian Building Products we support you with point-of-sale displays and showroom advice to best portray your wall panel offering. Additionally, we have product calculators and supply marketing assets so you can confidently present the products to your customers.

For more information about our wall panels range, including pricing, speak to a member of the sales team now.

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We’re fast approaching the festive season and with that brings a mad rush to freshen up interiors in readiness for family and friends visiting through the coming months. Whether it’s the neglected downstairs toilet, the tired living room, or the forgotten guest bedroom, you can guarantee that your customers will be looking to enhance their space and we can help you make sure you tick all their boxes.

First and foremost, your customers will be wanting something that looks fantastic. If the look doesn’t fit with their vision, or their existing décor, then they will walk on by. With the Guardian Distribution interiors range you’ll have access to a selection of stunning décor options for walls, floors and ceilings that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Plus everything is all in one place so no more mixing suppliers to offer a room solution for your customer – we help you cover it all.

A picture containing indoor, wall, room, window

Secondly, your customers will likely want something that is easy to install. They may be doing the job themselves, in which case the easier the better is probably their mantra. Conversely, they may be getting a fitter in but are looking for options that result in less mess. 

We all know tiles are a nightmare; cutting, grouting, dust and mess, and painting involves extensive masking and covering to avoid unwanted splashes and marks. Homeowners increasingly want to avoid the upheaval of home improvement tasks, as well as the high costs of having a tradesman on site longer than needed, and are looking for easy to install solutions. We have this covered with our interiors range where all items are easy install and in many cases can be installed over the existing surface so minimal preparation is needed.

Finally, your customers want products they can take away with them ready for their handyman to start fitting right away. We’ve all been there; finding the item we love only to discover it’s not actually in stock and the supplier has a lead time of months. 

With Guardian Distribution you can avoid all that; pick from a wide range of wall, floor and ceiling solutions to build your stock holding so customers can take away the same day. Plus we can keep your stock replenished as you need with our fantastic stocks here on the ground in Ireland.

So, what does our interiors range look like? We cover the whole package from walls to floors to ceilings. Our huge range of beautiful wall panelling is available in a variety of designs and sizes, all to suit your customer’s needs. The flooring range has stone or wood effect options as well as a range that is guaranteed in commercial settings. 

Whilst many of our panels can be used as ceiling panels, we offer a selection of extra long 4m panels to ensure a seamless installation. Let’s look at the ranges in more detail…

Stunning internal flooring

With it’s 20 year manufacturer guarantee, our range of Clever Click flooring offers your customers quality and peace of mind. There are 20 styles available across stone and wood effect within the flooring range, each with quick, easy and secure Clever Click joint seams. Your customers can mix and match styles if they so wish, or opt for the Clever Click Plus range which is robust enough for high traffic areas and is guaranteed in commercial settings.

A vast array of wall panels

There are over 60 designs in our wall panel range, which has been tailored to appeal to a wide customer demographic. Not only does the range include the classic whites and luxury marbles, but it also appeals to the more modern homeowner through industrial styles such as red brick, wood and slate.

Practical ceiling finishes

To ensure a seamless finish to ceiling installs, we offer a range of extra long panels specifically designed for ceilings. These panels come in 4m lengths and span a full ceiling without the need for visible joins. Not only does this mean less products are needed to complete a job, but it also give the highest quality finish in larger rooms.

A complete range of trims

We know it’s important to you that your customer does not have to go from store to store to find everything they need for their job. This is why we offer a range of interior products that includes a full selection of trims and accessories. Whether it’s chrome trim for 10mm panels, or sound proofing underlay for floors, we have everything you need to stock for your customers to complete their job.

By becoming a Guardian Distribution interiors stockist, you not only make our amazing range available to your customers, but you also get access to additional product assets. To ensure you can sell how you want to sell, we provide assets such as product imagery and supporting documents to help you advertise online and sell through channels such as ecommerce.

If you want to give your customers what they want this season, then speak to our team today.

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