1 November 2022

Everything you need to know about Clever Click luxury vinyl flooring

What types of vinyl flooring are there?

A popular alternative to traditional flooring methods such as wood, vinyl flooring is a more durable solution. However, vinyl flooring can differ in application. For example, with a standard vinyl sheet system, the sheet will need to be secured to an even base floor using adhesive. Whereas Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) can be installed with a special click-in feature straight onto an existing floor surface and underlay. Click-in vinyl systems require little experience and remove the need for lots of adhesive. To summarise, vinyl systems are great long-term solutions that are relatively easy to install and come in many different designs including wood and stone imitation.

What flooring products do Guardian Building Products supply?

Vinyl Flooring Clever Click Plus Smoked Oak

Innovative vinyl flooring technology

At Guardian Building Products, we supply an extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring that will suit a variety of applications and styles. Available in wood and stone designs, Clever Click vinyl flooring is water-resistant, slip-resistant*, low maintenance and looks natural. With Clever Click technology this flooring range also does away with the need for adhesives. Additionally, all our flooring is suitable for installation over existing floor surfaces such as tile, concrete, or floorboards, reducing long preparation times.

In brief, Clever Click flooring is a revolutionary flooring solution that will halve installation time compared to other vinyl flooring products.

Vinyl Flooring Clever Click Portland Wood

*All surfaces can become slippery when wet

Vinyl flooring collections

This luxury vinyl flooring range consists of two fabulous collections, Clever Click and Clever Click Plus. Both collections boast the excellent properties mentioned above, are 4.5mm thick and have 3D bevel effects. However, the collections differ slightly in wear layer thickness and guarantee period. Each collection also comes in different stone and wood designs to suit a variety of interior styles. See a comparison of the collections below:



Designs in the Clever Click collections:

Designs in the Clever Click Plus collections:


Where is Luxury Vinyl flooring used?

Vinyl Flooring Clever Click Plus Dorato Stone

A versatile solution, this flooring range is used in all rooms in the house and even in commercial buildings. Additionally, with a wide selection of contemporary and classic designs across the tile and plank format, there is something suitable to match the style of every project.

Bathroom-suitable vinyl flooring

This vinyl flooring range is a favourite for use in bathrooms due to its water resistance and easy-to-clean properties. Further, each product can be conveniently used on top of centrally heated flooring, (when installed according to the manufacturer guidelines) providing added comfort for the end user.

Durable wear layer

Even though Clever Click wear layers vary across the collections, they are designed to be incredibly durable. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is more durable than traditional flooring products such as wood. Similarly, our vinyl flooring is scuff and stain resistant and does not scratch as easily as wood. With a minimum PU 0.30mm wear layer, both collections in our flooring range are suitable for commercial projects and high-traffic areas in the home. However, in large high-traffic areas such as hotel foyers, Clever Click Plus would be a preferred choice due to the thicker wear layer. Flooring in this range also comes with a much longer, 10-year commercial guarantee.

Mixed-use application

Flooring accessories such as an acoustic underlay also complement the overall finish to suit the different needs of each project. In summary, each of the collections incorporates product guarantees specific for commercial or residential use. This gives peace of mind to the fitters as they are assured of the quality and longevity of the flooring. As a result, their clients can also be confident that they shouldn’t have any issues years down the line. 

Why is the Clever Click Vinyl flooring range a popular choice?

Clever Click and Clever Click Plus flooring solutions are easy and fast to install. Moreover, it removes the need for glues and specialist power tools which provides a safer working environment. It also enables fitters to quickly move on to the next project. Consequently, this excellent vinyl flooring range equips the fitter with confidence in the quality of the product and that their clients will be satisfied with the results.

At Guardian Building Products, we supply a wonderful selection of the Clever Click and Clever click Plus ranges. In addition, we also provide marketing assets so you can be confident in presenting this new range to your customers.

Point of Sale 

Next, both collections look and feel almost like real wood or stone and we recommend a product display to give customers the best impression in your shops and trade counters. Similarly, a product display and showroom installation will help bring your whole interior range to life. We will be happy to assist you with all your POS requests.

Stock and delivery  

Finally, LVTs (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and LVPs (Luxury Vinyl Planks) are flat-packed which allows for efficient storage. Meaning, your DIY and trade customers can easily load each pack straight into their vehicles. Alternatively, your teams can quickly load the packs into a delivery vehicle and send them directly to the site.

Vinyl Flooring Clever Click Plus Dorato Stone

Overall, this superior flooring range gives customers great versatility, and does not compromise on quality or aesthetics. With substantial product guarantees, easy installation and durable wearing properties, this luxury vinyl flooring solution is a top choice to enhance your interior range.

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