Gutter brushes

Our gutter brushes provide an easy solution to protect gutters and downpipes from blockages due to leaf and other debris.

Prevents blocked gutters

Suitable for all seasons

Easy to install

Versatile design

We have a simple solution for keeping gutters blockage free. Our gutter brushes are available in white or black, with a 100mm diameter that allow them to sit neatly within the gutter. Suitable for most gutters on most houses and commercial buildings, these gutter brushes are not visible from the ground and do not interfere with the aesthetic of a roofline.

Quick Installation

At Guardian Building Products our gutter brushes come in 4 metre lengths for more efficient installation. This means installers can quickly fit gutter brushes along the whole guttering of a building. Further, they can also be cut to size to precisely fit the last end of the gutter.
Black Gutter Brush and downpipe

Easy maintenance

Our gutter brushes are made from twisted stainless steel wires and UV-stable polypropylene bristles. Consequently, they will hold up to all weathers and the bristles let water run through, stopping leaves and other debris from collecting at the downpipe. Additionally, to prevent build-up, cleaning debris from the top of a gutter brush couldn’t be easier. They can easily be removed, hosed down and put back, keeping a free-flowing gutter through all seasons. 
Blocked Gutter with leaf debris and mud build up

Stocked display stands

To make the best impression in your store, our floor standing display boxes come stocked with 10 coils of gutter brush and can hold up to 20 coils in total. This way your customers can easily select the colour and quantity they need. We also supply point-of-sale solutions and marketing materials for building solutions in our other outdoor product ranges.
Gutter brush display boxes

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