Skirting Boards and Architraves

We offer a range of high-quality skirting boards and matching architraves, available in different profiles to suit any room.

Quick to Install

Easy to clean

Perfect finish

The finishing touch

A room can look unfinished without a tidy border. Our skirting and architrave boards come in 3 different profiles to suit different interior styles and complete a newly decorated room. We are also pleased to present a new Bullnose profile to our range this year, perfect for a more contemporary look.

Our skirting and architrave boards are manufactured from a durable, rigid styrene extrusion. To finish, these products are complete with a smooth, white foil which protects against scuffing and is easy to wipe clean.
Next, installing the skirting and architraves couldn’t be easier, needing only a high grab adhesive to fix into place your customers will have no problems quickly completing a whole room. Lastly, there is no need for painting or ongoing maintenance other than an occasional light dusting.
Skirting lifestyle (1)
Overall, thanks to the easy installation method, and low maintenance features, this skirting board and architrave offering is the top choice for DIY and trade customers.

Moulded skirting boards

Our skirting boards are intelligently moulded to create a cavity that cables can run through to hide them from view. Thus, creating a sleek and tidy edging that is especially useful for most rooms in a house or office.
Skirting board White bullnose
Torus skirting: 17mm x 140mm x 2,900mm
Ogee skirting: 14mm x 100mm x 2,900mm
Bullnose skirting: 13mm x 100mm x 2,900mm

Streamlined matching architraves

Completing the range, we have a selection of matching architrave boards in the 3 profiles. These streamlined architraves will fit neatly around most doorframes and are slightly shorter to account for the skirting. 
Architrave White bullnose full
Torus architrave: 19mm x 55mm x 2,200mm
Ogee architrave: 14mm x 55mm x 2,200mm
Bullnose architrave: 15mm x 55m x 2,200mm

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