Surface Protection

Our range of surface protection is perfect for protecting floors and windows during interior projects.

Easy to protect large areas

Prevents surface damage

Provides quicker clean up

Surface Protection

At Guardian Building Products we are no strangers to how messy renovations can be. To prevent dust and dirt settling on other surfaces while decorating, we supply interior surface protectors that are suitable for most projects. Therefore, with adequate surface protection for windows and floors, your customers can get on with the job at hand without tarnishing other interior features and completed areas. 

Reusable floor protector

Our reusable surface protector is a sustainable solution for many types of flooring. Supplied on a 1 metre wide by 10 metre long roll, this protector can be cut to the required size to cover the floor area. Then, it can be simply fixed into place using adhesive side strips.
This surface protector is designed to protect floor surfaces from dust, dirt and granular rubbish. With light padding, this protector provides a cushioned walking area that suitably protects the flooring from top-debris and scuffing. In addition, this floor protector is water-resistant and will hold up to any spills that occur during the decorating process. After use, the reusable floor protector can easily be wiped clean and clear of debris, then rolled up and stored for use another time.

As a result, this solution is perfect for customers that have multiple jobs and need a robust floor protector that cuts down on waste and money.
Surface protection

Product code and size:

Reusable Adhesive Floor Protector 1m x 10m - 4020030035

Adhesive glass protector

Our waterproof glass protectors prevent the build-up of dust, paint splashes and other sources of grime during a project. Conveniently, the protection rolls have a blue tint so you can see where it has been placed on the glass, for easier fitting and removal. Once installed on glass surfaces, it will stay firmly in place for as long as needed.

Ideal for renovations, this glass protector will not leave any residue when removed from windows and other glass surfaces. Further, it is available in 25m an 50m rolls and can be cut to size as needed, suiting customers with multiple projects.

Product codes and sizes:

Glass Protector 600mm x 25m - 4020030100
Glass Protector 600mm x 50m - 4020030105

Make sure your customer have what they need before they start the job and enquire about stocking our surface protectors today. 

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