Foiled hollow soffits and trims

Weatherproof soffits are an integral part of the roofline. We supply low maintenance foiled hollow soffits in different colours and effects to suit a range of roof styles. 

Quick to install



Foiled hollow soffits

Soffits are used to seal off and weatherproof the roof eaves. Plastic foiled hollow soffits are a favourite among roofers as they are lightweight, easy to install and give a sleek finished look.
Soffit size: 5000mm x 300mm x 10mm

Efficient installation

Made of plastic, our foiled hollow soffit boards are much lighter than traditional wooden soffit boards. They come in lengths of 5 metres to minimize joins and are easy to cut to the desired size. These soffits are easy to install with mechanical fixings and adhesive, to create a weathertight roof soffit in no time. Because of the durability and lightweight features of the hollow soffits, they can also be installed directly over an existing soffit. This makes them a great solution for new and refurbished roofs.

Low maintenance

Our PVC hollow soffits are easy to clean and do not require regular maintenance and repainting such as traditional wood soffits. This means installers can be confident that their clients will be satisfied with the results.

Versatile designs

At Guardian Building Products we have an excellent range of classic hollow soffit boards with matching trims.

Give your customers more options for new and existing builds with traditional wood effect soffits that give the impression of real wood panelling. Further, for more contemporary projects, the anthracite grey soffit is an ideal choice.
Roof foiled hollow soffit plastic blackRoof soffit plastic

Matching trims

Trim size: 5000mm lengths
Available in foiled anthracite grey, foiled rosewood, foiled black ash, foiled golden oak.

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