Promenade Tiles

The rooftop solution for flat roof terraces and walkways. Promenade tiles are durable and cushioned floor tiles that protect the roof surface and provide a safe walkway.

Durable & slip-resistant

Water Permeable

Helps to prevent injury

At-height safety flooring

Tall buildings often have walkable flat roofs for maintenance or occupant access. However, roof areas can be dangerous, especially when people are not aware of hazards and safety perimeters. 

There is an even greater risk of accidents if the flat roof does not have a slip-resistant coating and high boundaries. 

At Guardian Building Products, we supply rubber safety promenade tiles that provide a safe walking surface on flat roofs. An excellent solution for your customers with roofing projects. Made from rubber, the promenade tiles are shock absorbing and water permeable. Each tile has drainage channels on the underside which allows water to run off the roof, protecting the roof surface. 

Rooftop Walkways

In some instances, a rooftop pathway is necessary to guide users along a safe route around the roof from point to point. Laying a promenade tile pathway mitigates the risk of users walking in areas that are not suitable for foot traffic.

Over time, constant walking on the roof surface can also deteriorate the integrity of the roof materials, such as the weatherproofing finish. In turn, this repeated damage would cause leaks below the roof and can cause an uneven and hazardous surface. Thankfully, walking only on the designated rubber tiles provides a barrier of protection between the foot traffic and the roof surface to prevent any damage.

Promenade tiles can also be used in a combination of different colours for aesthetic preferences and to draw attention to the pathway route. Consequently, this is especially useful in bad weather conditions where visibility is poor.
Promenade Tiles Walkway crop

Rooftop Terraces

It is common to have a terrace area on rooftops where building occupants can socialise. 

If suitable for foot traffic, the entire flat roof can be covered in promenade tiles to protect the roof surface whilst still allowing complete access.

Promenade tiles are available in 4 different colours so customers can easily create zoned areas and borders across large areas. 

Promenade tiles on a flat roof terrace

Point of sale

Using stocked product displays in your stores gives the best impression to your customers. At Guardian Building Products, we supply rubber tile POS displays and makerting material.
Promenade rubber tiles point of sale display stand

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