Window boards

A versatile alternative to timber-core boards, our PVC window boards will not warp and provide a fast solution for windowsills. We also have matching trims and end caps for a complete, no-fuss finish.

Quick to install

Easy to clean

Stain and water resistant

Simple installation

Made from PVC, our window boards are lightweight and quick to install, using a waterproof grab adhesive and waterproof sealant to finish. These boards are supplied in 5 metre lengths and can be easily cut to size which is ideal for customers working on multiple windows. Additionally, there are matching trims and end caps that slip on easily to complete the sill in no time.
2010130010 Window boards windowsill

Classic design

Available in a foiled, lightly textured white finish with a bullnose edge, these window boards will instantly freshen up the room as a sleek looking windowsill.
Windowboard PVC

Bathroom suitable

Our window boards are made from water-resistant PVC and will not warp or crack when exposed to water like wooden sills. As a result, these window boards are great for any room and can be used in high condensation areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Window boards bathroom windowsill example

Effortless maintenance 

The PVC properties also means these window boards are less likely to stain and excess moisture can easily be wiped clean and dry to prevent any mould build up. Consequently, they are a great option for cold environments that can be prone to condensation, such as unheated conservatories. Further, there is no need for regular painting or varnishing like wooden equivalents so installers can be confident their clients will be satisfied with the end results.
Window Boards windowsill cleaning

Product codes and sizes

Window boards:

Available in 3 different widths. 
White PVC window board 5,000mm * 200mm - 2010130010
White PVC window board 5,000mm * 225mm - 2010130011
White PVC window board 5,000mm * 250mm - 2010130015

Trims & end caps:

White window board external mitre joints, - 2010130020
White window board internal mitre joints - 2010130025
White window board end caps - 2010130030

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