Safety Grass Matting

Out safety grass matting prevents excessive waterlogging which helps to maintain a healthy lawn. Perfect for parks, driveways and fields with foot and vehicle traffic. 


Protects the grass

Suitable for vehicle traffic

Excellent durability

At Guardian Building Products, we supply hard-wearing rubber mats with drainage holes that allow water to run through to prevent against extreme waterlogging. This maintains a safer walking surface in outdoor areas by providing a grip surface under foot. 

Additionally, grass can grow freely through the mats while being protected by having a barrier between the soil and foot to keep a healthy lawn. When installed correctly, users can simply mow the lawn over the top of the mat without any issue. 
Grass mat size:
L 1500mm x W 1000m x H 23mm

Versatile application

Our grass mats provide a safe solution to grassy and mud-prone areas with high foot traffic.

Not only do they provide a safe walking surface, they are also useful for turfed and gravel parking areas. This is due to the hard-wearing rubber composition that prevent cars from skidding or getting stuck in the mud. Consequently, our grass mats provide an excellent solution to reduce waterlogging and to provide a safer ground surface.

As a result, our grass mats are frequently used at caravan and camping sites. They are especially useful for outdoor events such as car boots and festivals where there is high-traffic in a short amount of time. Suitable for large areas, the mats can be joined together with pegs that fit deep into the soil. Similarly, one mat is suitable for the smallest of footpaths. Perfect for domestic and commercial settings, this outdoor grass matting solution is a top choice for all types of landscaping customers. 

Point of sale display stands

To give the best impression to your customers, we supply display stands for grass mats. This way your customers can easily see the products and buy what they need directly from the shop floor. 

Make sure your customers have everything they need and enquire now to become a stockist. 

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