Channel Drainage

Linear channel drainage is the perfect ground solution for safe collection and diversion of rainwater. We supply everything your customers need for effective water diversion along driveways, garage ways and patios.

Prevents water build up

Strong composition

Quick to install

Prevent waterlogging

Our drainage channels provide a sleek solution to prevent surface water build up.

Building protection

Often used along garage door boundaries, including a line of drainage prevents water ingress in the building by channeling it to a suitable location. Further, running channel drainage around the perimeter of a property allows you to run excess water to a safe drainage location. Thus preventing standing water that can cause structural and external safety problems.

Grass protection

Channel drainage is also commonly used to provide drainage at thresholds between different ground surfaces, such as between grass and paving. Water run-off from paving or tarmac can be channeled along the edge of a lawn to divert the water and prevent waterlogging. This also protects the longevity of the grass. Similarly, if the lawn has an incline, there is less risk of water run-off onto any pathways or driveways as it collected in the channel.

Overall, using channel drainage is a great method to prevent water build up at ground level. Consequently, your customer will be able to reduce future risk of damage and personal accidents, especially during icy winter conditions or if it rains after a dry summer.

Channel drainage galvanised grate with pavingChannel drainage driveway

Durable design

Our drainage channels are made of reinforced polypropylene to withstand the constant water drainage and changing weather. Incredibly durable, they are in the A15 loading (1.5 tonne) class, compliant according to BS EN 1433: 2002. This means they will hold up to being driven on by an average sized car, ideal for driveways and garage entranceways.
Available in black, we supply a choice of a polypropylene or galvanised steel grating to suit a variety of landscapes. In addition, the galvanised steel grate offers extra strength and protection from surface wear such as from car tyres and gravel.
Size of drainage channels: L 1000mm x W 121mm x D 84mm
For easy connections on longer boundaries we supply adapters with screws and end caps to complete the channel drainage system.

Streamlined installation

Our channel drainage grills sit flush with the surrounding surface to provide a safe flat surface for foot or vehicle traffic. All that’s required is a trench along the desired perimeter of at least 121mm wide and 84mm deep. Additionally, thanks to the 1 metre length and adapters, installers can quickly fit the channels on any length of perimeter.

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